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About Koll på soc

Koll på soc is a website about Swedish , aimed at young persons under the age of 21. Social services are often called “soc” in Swedish.

The website is a source of support for young people who

  • are already in contact with social services
  • have been thinking about contacting social services because they feel bad or they know of someone else who feels bad
  • want to know more about social services.

The website includes information on what social services do, advice about what to do before having a meeting with social services, and help for those who want to contact social services. The website also has a YouTube channel with films about Swedish social services

Here you can read about accessibility measures for kollpasoc.se and how you can report deficiencies (in Swedish)

If you have questions about the website you can contact webbansvarig@socialstyrelsen.se

Koll på soc is a website produced by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare