Child marriage in Sweden – other languages

In Sweden, everyone under the age of 18 is a child. No one is allowed to marry a child in Sweden. Children have the right to go to school and to an education, to have opportunities for leisure interests and to develop as an individual. Living in a marriage means responsibilities that a child should not have.

Information about child marriage in Sweden in other languages than Swedish:

About child marriage/Engelska

زواج الأطفال – هذا ما يسري في السويد/Arabiska

ازدواج أطفال – در سویدن این مقررات/Dari

ازدواج کودکان – مقررات جاری در سوئد/Persiska

Guurka carruurta – arrintaan waxey khuseeysaa Iswiidhan/Somaliska